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The exhibition DEATH AND FERTILITY, is made from two freight containers placed perpendicularly to each other to form a Tau cross. By choosing two standard colours, red and blue, the pavilion makes a reference to the Haitian flag.

Setting up an outdoor pavilion in a temporary structure such as sea freight containers relates to the social, national, cultural and economic issues apparent in Haiti, whose historical background has been marked by international trade and exploitation.
It also reflects that the artists involved in this project come from a very poor district of Port-au-Prince which is situated close to the sea and port.

‘This is the newest art community to have emerged in the last ten years in a downtown slum neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The ‘Grand Rue Sculptors’ have produced art that reflects a heightened, Gibsonesque, Lo-Sci-Fi, dystopian view of their society, culture and religion, and have dragged Haitian art into the 21st century. Jean Herard Celeur, Andre Eugene and Guyodo are at the core of the movement, which contains seven or eight other younger artists, all producing powerful sculptural works. Their work has opened entirely new vistas into the creative possibilities of the Vodou-inspired arts of Haiti. Their muscular sculptural collages of engine manifolds, computer entrails, TV sets, medical debris, skulls and discarded lumber transforms the detritus of a failing economy into deranged, post-apocalyptic totems’.

Inside of the containers (that comprise of two separate spaces in which the sculptures are displayed):

· Both the containers, which correspond to the horizontal (blue) and the vertical (red) axes - will host a site-specific installation including artworks by André Eugène, Jean Hérard Celeur and Jean Claude Saintilus and are the result of collaboration between the artists and the curator. The pieces explore and identify aspects of the Gede family of spirits.

In the Vodou culture, the phallus is Gede's attribute par excellence, and often, a wooden simulacrum is used in the rituals to celebrate the Gede, which takes place in the cemetery on All Saint's and All Soul's Day. The pavilion will be partitioned following the phallus' anatomy in order to take account of this within the curatorial frame.


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